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Petrographic Thin Section Prices

Call for a  price quote for your specific requirements.


Thin Section Preparation






Standard Lapped Finish



27 x 46mm x 30micron  Normal 14 Day Turnaround     

with cover glass



without cover glass


50 x 75mm (2 x 3 in.)  x 30 micron 

with cover glass

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without cover glass

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Polished Finish



27 x 46 mm x 30micron  polished thin section


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27 x 46 mm "fluid inclusion" thick section

(both surfaces polished soluble  adhesive)


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27 x 46 x 1 mm (more or less) or 25mm Dia. polished thick section


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1 inch (25mm)Dia. x 30 micron  polished thin section


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Other Preparations






Impregnating with epoxy resin.. Clear or Blue. All Material

 is routinely  vacuum impregnated.  No additional charge


No Charge

Saw uncut sample


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Embed loose grains, sand, drill cuttings etc.    


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Water soluble materials processed in oil or other vehicle.

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Rush order shipped within 1-7 working days.

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Turnaround Time: Normal turnaround time is under 17 days.

Turnaround Today  Call (802)-295-9373 or Email for current Turnaround Time or Rush Service.


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Submitting Samples

Mark sample numbers and orientation clearly.

Attach list of sample numbers.

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