Mineral Optics Laboratory

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Petrographic Thin Section Services



Polished Thin Sections  30µ Thick

Highest Quality Reflective Finish. Photo

Standard 27 x 46 mm or 25mm round slide


Electron Microprobe, Reflected & Transmitted polarized light microscopy, Scanning Electron Microscopy,

Cathodoluminescence, QEMSCAN


Lapped Thin Sections  30µ Thick    "Standard Thin Sections"

Highest Quality fine Lapped finish

Standard 27 x 46mm slide

Large 50 x 75 (2x3”) slide

with or without cover glass


Transmitted polarized Light Microscopy


Polished Thick Sections

Standard 27 X 46 mm or 25mm(1”) round slide X any thickness

25mm(1 inch) or 30mm vacuum cast polished epoxy plugs

pumps down rapidly in vacuum

Highest Quality Reflective Finish


Electron Microprobe, Reflected light microscopy, Scanning Electron Microscopy, Cathodoluminescence, QEMSCAN


Polished Grain Mounts

Precision mounting & polishing of minute valuable grains such as diamond indicator minerals or laboratory concentrates.

Vacuum casting of grains and powders to be made into thick or thin sections. Photo

Electron Microprobe, Reflected light microscopy, Scanning Electron Microscopy, Cathodoluminescence, QEMSCAN




2 Side Polished Thick Sections (Fluid Inclusion Sections)

Highest Quality Reflective Finish on Top and Cemented side. Photo

100µ and up

cyanoacrylate or epoxy adhesive for heat sensitive specimens

or thermoplastic soluble adhesive for easiest removal


fluid inclusion studies



Precision cutting by experienced technicians. Photo

Greatest attention to detail to capture and preserve important features on your section. Cut to maximize area on slide.

Vacuum impregnating friable samples prior to cutting.

Scraps packaged & labeled . Chain of custody documented.


Grinding, Lapping & Polishing Services

Complete Lapidary Services

ASTM D 4543  Standard practice for preparing rock core specimens for unconfined compression testing

ASTM C 457.8 Lapped section of concrete for air void analysis.(1200grit lapped finish, sometimes referred to as “polished”)

ASTM D 3967 for indirect shear test

ASTM D 5607 for Direct Shear

ASTM C 295 (see Lapped thin sections above)

ASTM C 856 (see Lapped thin sections above)

Polished display and teaching specimens made from your rock or drill core.

We have the experience and equipment to machine rock, crystals and concrete to almost any shape, tolerance and finish.

Precision Rock Sawing

Core drilling from Ľ” to 12”